Drinks aid relaxation and the very best ones can calm your nerves and make you feel good about yourself. The feeling you get when you get that excellent taste from a drink is priceless, it will definitely make you want some more. Those who know a lot about cocktails and know what an amazing cocktail drink tastes like definitely know that  hypnotic liquor is one important ingredient for  exceptional cocktail drinks.Hypnotic liquor is one of those drinks people take and keep coming back for more. It is a very unique drink that has a blue color and a distinctive fruit flavor. It is made from premium vodka, cognac and  fruit juice. It tastes like citrus with a mixture of some bitter edges and it smells like a mixture of mango and passion fruit.Now, it is a popular drink for celebrities, this is because of its rich taste and its packaging that makes it truly attractive.

Hypnotic liquor can be mixed with virtually any kind of recipe but there are recipes that work best with it to give that amazing taste you are longing for. Hypnotic liquor drinks is now a popular cocktail trend because almost every one loves the great taste of hypnotic with different recipes. You can mix it with sprite, 7up, pineapple juice, apple liquor, raspberry, soda, energy and you can also try some other recipes to get that amazing taste associated with most hypnotic liquor drinks.

Well, if you are part of those who enjoy a great drink and you are eager to find hypnotic drinks, recipes and price range then you are at the right place.

1.Green Bean recipe

You can enjoy your own hypnotic drink recipe whenever you want if you know just the way to mix it right. For this recipe you need to 1 oz or orange juice and 3 oz of hypnotic liquor. Then you can blend it and mix them together, then serve it with vegetables of your choice. The price of this drink is $26.

2.Green machine recipe

If you are talking about great cocktail drinks and you fail to mention this then you don’t know what you are missing out on. This is one of the best hypnotic liquor drinks and you should definitely try it out. The recipe includes 5-6 oz of Mountain Dew or any citrus soda and one oz of hypnotic liquor. To enjoy this drink pour the mixture of hypnotic drink & citrus soda into a highball glass of ice cubes. Then you can add Mountain Dew and stir it  to it get the green color. This great drink costs $27, so if you can’t do it yourself you can simply find a good mixologist to do it for you.

3.Hypnotic and 7 recipe

There are so many awesome mixtures you can get with a hypnotic liquor and this is one of them. To get this awesome drink you need a blend of 1 splash of soda or 7up and 2 oz of hypnotic liquor. Then you need to stir the mixture together and serve it cool in a highball glass. This drink only costs $28

4. Hypno fusion recipe

To enjoy the amazing taste of this drink you need to blend 1 splash of grenadine,5 oz of sprite or soda and 1 oz of hypnotic liquor. Then you can serve the drink in a highball glass with ice cubes . Then make sure you stir the mixture well before serving. This drink costs $30

5.Chunkdown Crunk Juice recipe

To enjoy this amazing drink you need 4 oz of hypnotic liquor and 8 oz of energy drinks or Red Bull. Then you can enjoy your mixture or you can buy the drink at the expense of $30 .

6.Bloody Passion recipe

There’s hardly any kind of flavor you can’t get with a mixture of hypnotic liquor. For this drink you need 2-3 oz of pineapple juice, 2 oz of hypnotic liquor and one dash of grenadine syrup. Then you can pour the drink into a tall glass and stir the mixture. Just some amount of pineapple juice and some splashes Of grenadine and your drink is ready. You can decide to take it chilled or not chilled but it is best served chilled.

7.Hbomb #2 recipe

You need 3 oz of red bull energy drink and 3 oz of hypnotic liquor then mix them together to get your drink. Just fill a highball glass with ice cubes and  halfway filled with Red Bull energy, then you can add your hypnotic liquor and serve. This drink costs $26.

8.Naughty Monkey recipe

Blend 5 oz of either 7up or soda with 1 ½ oz of hypnotic liquor and serve it in a tall glass. You can get this drink at the expense of $25.

9.Hypnotic pussy drink

Blend 2 oz of hypnotic liquor and 2 oz of sour raspberry then you need to shake this mixture thoroughly using a cocktail shaker before serving it chilled in a wine glass. This drink is available at the price of $28.

10.Jimmy’s Jet Plane drink

To get the amazing taste of this drink you need  ¼ lime juice, 2 oz of pineapple juice, ½ of melon and apple liquor and 1 oz of hypnotic liquor. Then you need to mix these ingredients thoroughly before you can serve it in a tall wine glass. Then you can garnish it with an airplane shaped candy and lemon wheel, and you will surely enjoy its amazing taste. The cost of getting this drink is $27.

Hypnotic liquor drinks is one of the popular cocktail trends in the world with various amazing recipes and flavors that has got people totally attracted to the drink. You can get the most amazing cocktails when you try different recipes with hypnotic liquor. Champagne or gin are great ingredients to mix with hypnotic liquor. Hypnotic liquor works best with strong flavors to give you that exceptional taste. Just try the recipes we have listed above to enjoy the best hypnotic liquor drinks.

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