Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss : 10 Step by Step


A lot of people are battling to lose weight, and many  have not actually found the best ways to shed some weight in a short period of time. You may  have tried different methods without reaching their desired goal, so what do you do?. Well, Hypnosis is a scientific proven method  for weight loss and you can try it out . Through self-hypnosis you can give your mind control over your body, you can induce yourself to have less appetite and live a healthier lifestyle.

During hypnosis you go into the subconscious and your mind is in the state of accepting suggestions that will eliminate habits and beliefs that may be detrimental to your health. Hypnosis for weight loss is now a common practice because of its effectiveness. Studies have been carried out to show that self-hypnosis actually works. Self-hypnosis is one of the best methods for weight loss, however you need to put in some work if you want it to be successful.

Hypnosis is an old practice for weight loss, and many people can attest to its effectiveness though there are still people who doubt this method of weight loss. However, studies have show that hypnosis can help you lose weight faster, it doesn’t hurt to try it out you may end up achieving just the result you want. Hypnosis for weight loss requires commitment and dedication  to reach your desired goal. So, you  have a major role to play in your weight loss, so you have to put in your effort and time for this exercise to be successful.


According to some experts self-hypnosis is an effective way to lose weight, there are however other people who believe that this does not work, well self-hypnosis does not hurt and it is worth trying.

1.You have to believe and be committed to get this exercise done from time to time.

Believing involves convincing yourself that you can handle this exercise and your urges till you reach your desired result. Now if you don’t believe,  you may not take this exercise seriously and it will end up having little or no impact. So believing that this would definitely work  and putting your effort & time to getting it done is the first step to self-hypnosis.

2.Set your weight loss goal and map out the time of the day for the exercise.

How much time you will spend each day on self-hypnosis. You should try to spend at least 30 minutes and you need to focus on the exercise during the time allocated for it.

3.Set your weight loss goal.

Decide how much weight you’re willing to shed at a particular set time. Tell yourself about your weight loss goals from time to time to get yourself prepared every time.

4.Find a comfortable place for the exercise.

You need to go to a place where you will likely not be disturbed, somewhere away from people. You can To your bed, a sofa or any comfortable place with no disturbance. Put on clothes that are comfortable, do not wear tight clothes and make sure the room temperature is comfortable (neither too hot or too cold for comfort). If everything is set, then try to relax yourself, you can try playing a slow music or instrumental anything to put you in a trance.

5.Find an object to focus on.

Mostly something above your head that you can focus on without being too uncomfortable. Focus your subconscious on the object and don’t let your mind run wild. You have to give all your best to concentrate only on the object in front of you this will help you clear your thoughts and start  hypnosis.

6.Induce yourself into hypnosis by breathing deeply as you close your eyes.

Just close your eyes and relax your body till it becomes limp. You have to let go off every other thing in your mind-the stress, problems, future events or anything else and just let your mind be focused on your breathing. Just breathe deeply at a particular rhythm, the breathing should be your only focus this will help you relax.

You can try visualizing the pendulum if you want to go deeper into hypnosis or you can try counting down in your mind to do so. Visualizing the pendulum moving backwards and forward in your mind can help you go deeper into the exercise.  As you count down during hypnosis your body relaxes more and you progress deeper into hypnosis.

7.Visualize yourself in the body size you want.

Once you have a mental picture of you want to look like this will help to motivate you. Think about what people will say about your new body size. This is a very important step in this exercise, if you can make a mental picture of the ideal weight you want during hypnosis this means you are a step closer to your weight loss goal. Just see your ideal self in a trance, and feel what it will be like to be lean and healthy.

8.Start disliking bad eating habits and leaving your food cravings behind.

 Just think about those foods that make you add extra weight, conjure them up in your mind and start casting out of your mind. When you are done with the hypnosis exercise for the day you can then wake up slowly by counting down till you fully come out of the trance.

9.Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid bad eating habits.

Self-hypnosis is not just the end of losing weight, you have put extra effort to reach your ideal weight. Exercise your body, this is a truly important part of every weight loss program. Then try to stop your old eating habits, avoid foods that make you add extra weight and focus on eating healthy.

10.Keep practicing, practice makes perfect!

You should have a plan for weight loss and follow it judiciously. Make sure you do the exercise everyday according to your weight loss plan,  indulge in self-hypnosis for at-least 30 minutes every day. If you follow these steps judiciously: keep a healthy eating habit, exercise and continue your hypnosis you will definitely start seeing amazing results.t


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