Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking : 5 Step By Step

Hypnosis is believed to work for wide range of ailments especially physiological and physical complications. Lots of researches and studies have been carried out to show that hypnosis actually works however there is not really a scientific proof to show that it actually works for those who want to quit smoking.

It can be both mentally and physically intimidating to stop a bad habit like smoking. Most times you  find yourself going back to the habit just few days after quitting.  It takes a lot of determination for a smoker to quit smoking. Hypnosis is one method you should try to kick start stopping your smoking habits.

Hypnosis is just a practice of altering the subconscious or having a changed state of mind. When you are in a trance your mind can give you suggestions to help you eliminate bad habits that are detrimental to your life like smoking. The main objective of the hypnosis is to help the smoker outline the negative effects of smoking to make them dislike the habit and make them suggest the best ways for them to keep their body healthy.

Smoking is injurious to health and most smokers are really not happy that they smoke but what could be holding them back from stopping? Smoking is an addictive habit that is very difficult to overcome, this is where hypnosis come in. Your desire to smoke comes from the mind, now hypnotizing your mind to dislike this habit is a very important step to stopping this habit.

5 Steps Of Using Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Hypnosis can be an effective technique for quitting smoking, however you have a major part to play, you can only decide to stop smoking when you want to.

1.First you need to ask yourself important questions.

Decide if you are ready to quit smoking and if you are willing to do what it takes to start the process. You also have to ask yourself if you are willing to try hypnosis as a method for quitting smoking. If you have made up your mind and you are willing to start the process then you can enlist the help of hypnotherapist.

2.A hypnotherapist will know the best ways to help you overcome your smoking habit but like we said earlier you have a part to play.

The therapist may ask your questions about your addictions directly or through the phone to begin the process. Just  make sure he/she is a certified therapist and knows what he is doing. The therapist may also decide to set up sessions for you to go into a trance and dwell on eliminating your smoking habit. Enlisting the help of a hypnotherapist can help you reach quicker results but only if you put your mind to it.

3.If you dont want to reach out to a hypnotherapist to help you, you can try getting CDs or MP3 that would give you guidelines on getting the hypnosis done.

This recorded session can get you started on your journey, just listen to the recording and follow the steps outlined in the sessions. Ensure you are in a quiet place to start your sessions and concentrate only on the recording till you reach your goal. Remember that  the breathing and relaxation techniques are very important aspects of hypnosis, they help your mind reach a state of trance, this way you appear to be in a day dream.

4.Self hypnosis is another option you should try out.

You can do this at home all by yourself. Just go to a quiet room, try to relax yourself. You can play music in the background and dim the lights in the room to put yourself in a trance. Then focus your attention on a specific object till you drift into the subconscious. You can try counting down or visualize yourself climbing down a staircase till you fall into a trance. Breathing is a very effective method of getting into a trance and you can also try closing your eyes till your body becomes limp and relaxed.

5.Once you fall into a trance, conjure up mental pictures of smoking and cancel them out of your mind.

Just try as much as possible to make your mind believe that smoking is  a very bad habit and visualize yourself quitting the habit. Once you have achieved your goal for the day try to wake yourself from the trance by counting down.


If you understand the power of the subconscious over your perceptions then you would also know how powerful hypnosis can be. Hypnosis helps your mind to be open to suggestions that will help you eliminate bad habits detrimental to your health. Now, when your mind is in a trance it is likely to accept suggestions instead of working on its own. So, when you have the desire to smoke and you are in a trance your subconscious is altered to subdue the smoking trigger.

Through hypnosis you can reframe your subconscious and act on subduing bad habits like smoking. When you are in a trance you have control over that conscious part of your mind that triggers you to smoke and you can give your mind suggestions about how detrimental smoking is and how you want to live healthy life.

The common practice of hypnosis for smoking is Spiegel’s method which involves two major aspects Trance and Treatment. This involves getting the subject into a trance and pointing out to the mind that smoking is bad, that you need to live a healthy life and you need to protect and respect your body.

Hypnosis can really help you quit smoking, it is an effective method only if you are willing and determined to stop smoking. Lots of studies have been carried out to show that the percentage of hypnosis working for smokers is very high. So, you can compel your mind to get rid of bad habits through hypnosis if you are willing to. So, if you are ready to quit smoking hypnosis can be of great help.


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