How To Make Girls Hypnotized : 7 Step by Step

Women are generally easy to hypnotize, however there are women who are harder to hypnotize than others. Don’t assume that you can easily hypnotize a girl because she is more imaginative or submissive, girls that get swept away easily can fall deeply into hypnosis easily. It is a common belief that women are in tune with their perception and can get easily engrossed while watching movies, reading a romantic novels or listening to a very touching song.

You don’t need to be a professional or trained hypnotist to be able to hypnotize a girl, when it comes to women it is actually quite easy. You just need to know the basic rules of hypnosis to get you started. Before you can hypnotize someone else you need to try hypnotizing yourself, if you can do that then you are ready to try it on someone else.So, it is definitely easy to seduce a girl through  hypnosis or get her to go on a date with you, or give her suggestive ideas to help her tackle bad habits.

7 Steps To Teach You How To Hypnotize A Girl

If you are so eager to hypnotize a girl either to seduce her, get her to go on a date or simply help her to overcome some bad habits then you need to follow these guidelines judiciously:

1.First you need a willing volunteer

You can’t hypnotize someone by force, they should be willing to join in the exercise. Doing this by force will only lead to little or no hypnotic results. So, it is important the volunteer comes willingly. Especially because hypnosis works better with a relaxed mind, but if they are not ready or eager to join you in this exercise then how can you get them to relax. So, any girl you want to hypnotize should have a good rapport with you, this can make her trust you easily and relax around you, which is essential for hypnosis to work.

2.Research, practice and be confident

If you keep researching and learning about hypnosis you will get better with each practice. Practicing makes you feel confident and confidence is an important attribute of every hypnosis. Your confidence as a hypnotist helps your subjects relax easily and go into a trance. Now, when you are nervous and unsure of yourself you are likely going to ruin the whole session with your agitation and lack of confidence. So you have to make your subject believe you can hypnotize her. Don’t tell them you will try to hypnotize rather assure them that you will get them hypnotized. If you give room for doubt it give the subject’s critical mind a chance to be in control which you should prevent.

3. Make your subject feel relaxed and comfortable

Relaxation and breathing techniques are very important aspects of hypnosis and you can never neglect them and achieve a great Hypnotic result. So you need to make her feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Now find a comfortable sofa or bed and make her lie down comfortably, you can also try dimming the lights in the room. Use soothing words to explain the process to her till she is fully relaxed. The words you speak should outline the importance of her comfort and relaxation, then urge her to let go so she can drift off easily. Do not take advantage of a woman  in a trance especially the first time, what you need to do the first time  is just help her  relax and bring her out of the  trance again. Don’t give her any harsh commands and make her believe you won’t make her spill her secrets.

4.Use the process of speaking

Speech can be a powerful technique for hypnosis, use the right words with the right tone of voice to lure your subjects into a trancelike state. You can use words to suggest to your subjects what to feel. So modulate your voice to give commands in a way that sounds like you are only requesting for them to do something and not commanding them to do it. Women love pleasant voice, so endeavor to make your voice sound pleasant and not harsh.

5.Maintain eye contact with your subject

Just stare at them in a manly way and they will begin to sink slowly in to a dreamy state. Stare at them with confidence or you can get them to focus on a particular object. Here, you can try to use a pendulum and ask them to concentrate on it as it dangles. Remember you are not commanding them rather you are urging them to do so.

6.Check if your subject is in trance

You can try to touch them delicately or say something silly to see how they react. If they are deep in a trance they may not really notice you touching them then you can offer them suggestive ideas of what to think or feel.

7.To hypnotize a girl you can listen to a romantic song with her or watch a romantic movie together

Theses sorts of things tend to get to a girl’s mind easily. Listening to a romantic song with them or watching a romantic movie can get them to start feeling romantic Which makes  them easily susceptible to hypnosis. You can also try singing in front of her, girls love romantic gestures or you can offer to dance with her. While dancing with her just make sure you keep an eye contact with her and touch her softly to make her feel comfortable. You can also try taking her to exotic locations for diner or a date, like we said before girls love romantic gestures. Use soothing words on her and make her feel very comfortable and you have succeeded in hypnotizing.

Hypnosis can make it easy for you to get that girl you want or make her fall for you, or you can also use as a way to help her overcome negative habits. Whatever your reason  may be for hypnotizing a girl just ensure she is willing and comfortable with the exercise.

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