Hypnosis is  an effective technique of controlling the  subconscious. Have you ever been to a magic show and the hypnotist succeeds in hypnotizing the audience and you are wondering how he got to do that? Trust me it is not so hard to accomplish if only you put your mind in learning how it is being done.You can do your research and learn a lot about hypnosis then you can get to hypnotize other people.

However, hypnotizing your parents without them knowing can be a bit difficult, especially due to the fact that they know your behaviors and may find it suspicious when you start behaving strangely. So, it may be difficult for you to hypnotize them without their knowledge.


Like we said earlier hypnosis is a powerful mind controlling technique which you can do if you do your research and practice often. Hypnotizing your parents secretly can be difficult or may have little effect however it is definitely worth trying. Follow these steps to hypnotize your parents:

1.The hypnosis will work better if they volunteer to do the exercise, hypnotizing someone who wants to be hypnotized can produce the best results. However, hypnotizing someone by force can be quite difficult. So, once your parents accept to join you in the exercise then you are ready to start the process.

2.Find a peaceful and comfortable place.

Find a peaceful and comfortable place

Hypnosis needs concentration and serenity for it work effectively. Just find a comfortable place for both you and your parents to start the process. Make sure the place is free from or distractions, you can use a clean room with dim lights and you can take away distractions like phones, TVs or other forms of distractions. Make sure there’s no other person in the room or place you choose, because they will definitely be a form of distractions.

3.Now get your parents to lie down comfortably. 

Now get your parents to lie down comfortably
Now get your parents to lie down comfortably

The subject of hypnosis must be relaxed for this technique to work. To make it easier for you to start the process you can find out if they have been hypnotized before, people who have experienced hypnosis before will make the job easier  unlike novices. You may have a hard time getting novices to relax but you have to be patient and give your best.Talk with your parents in a soothing manner and try your best to keep them relaxed.

Use a slow, low,  soothing tone that will create a feeling of trust and security. Getting your subject to relax is an essential part of this exercise, you can liken it to trying to soothe a worried or frightened person. Use words like “Everywhere is calm and safe” “Just let yourself go, relax your mind” “You eyes may be heavy and your body is sinking slowly, just let your body relax” This will help them fall slowly into a trance.

4.Get your parents to close their eyes and relax by urging them softly.

Tell them that all parts of their bodies are relaxing and continue to help them relax till they fall deeply into a hypnotic dream. Urge them to forget any other thing in their mind and focus only on the sensations they are feeling as they relax. You can also try to get them to breathe deeply in a particular rhythm this will help them forget about the stress & anxiety and totally relax.Say only positive things in a soothing tone, don’t give harsh commands. Use only soothing words and remind them only  about their body relaxation.

5. Get them to focus their attention on a particular object.

You can tell them to focus on your forehead or any part of your body if you are in front of them, or any object in the dim room or you can put a dangling object in front of them  to get them to concentrate. Give them some guidance and say positive things to get them to focus on the object in front of them.

6.Then get them to relax their body part by part using a low  soothing voice to urge them.

Boy Waking his Parents

Urge them to relax their ankles, feet, arms, fingers, shoulders and other parts of the body. Get them to be more relaxed using soothing words, breathing techniques and get them to concentrate on any object.

7. When you feel they are relaxed tell them to imagine things like climbing down a step while you count down,  as they imagine each step they take to be in line with your countdown. Walking subjects down hypnotic stairs is a very common practice in hypnosis shared by both self-hypnotists and hypnotherapist. Tell your subject to imagine themselves walking down a step, as they walk down slowly and you continue to count down as they sink deeper into a trance. The subject may fall deeply into a trance or dream then you can ask or suggest to them whatever you want.

8. After the hypnosis has been done you can gradually wake them by counting down. 

Don’t jerk them out of the trance, slowly get them to become aware of their environment and finally wake up. If they are deeply in a trance trying using the hypnotic steps technique and get them to walk back up the stairs till they wake up.

Hypnosis is a great tool for relaxation,   an effective technique for stress relief and also a way to reduce anxious thoughts. You can use this technique to help your parents relax and let go off of their worries. Contrary to what most people hypnosis is not only for negative results. Hypnotherapy can be used as a mental health solution, it can be an excellent tool for mental healing.

You can get your subjects to focus on a particular problem at a time and let their anxieties and pain go slowly during hypnosis. So, you can help someone heal mentally if they are ready to, through hypnosis and you can urge them to suggest solutions to their problems.

Before you delve into hypnosis it is important you do some research and get to know the best way to practice hypnosis and get results. Hypnotizing your parents is easy when it is voluntary and if you know what to do.

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