How To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing

how to hypnotize someone without them knowing

There are plenty of ways to hypnotize someone, but the common question asked is – “How to hypnotize someone without them knowing”. Basically, hypnotising someone without them knowing is quite simple, provided you’ve practiced and are determined to accomplish it. Research has proven that everyone goes in and out of a hypnotic stance many times each day, especially when performing repetitive tasks. So if you really want to know how to hypnotize someone without them knowing, you could take a look at the following points and also practice and implement them.

Grab the attention of your subject

How to hypnotize someone without them knowing – the first and foremost step is finding a subject and grabbing their attention. Make them focus on your face and words, as only then can you hypnotize them. There is lots of wrong information out there when it comes to hypnotism, especially the one that states that a person needs to be in a relaxed mood. Basically, the person you’re trying to hypnotize needs to concentrate on what you’re telling them and it doesn’t matter whether their happy or sad; depressed or content. You need to ensure that the subject is engrossed in what you’re talking and forget about the surroundings.

Gain the confidence of your subject with the help of an agreement

Now that you know how to hypnotize someone without them knowing or at least know the first step, let’s proceed towards our goal. No matter who your subject is try to talk about a subject that the both of you agree on whether it be sports, work, politics or any other subject for that matter. You need to find something that both of you share a common interest in. Building this initial trust is of utmost importance. This will make the person readily agree to your next sentence even though they don’t completely understand what you say.

Begin to imitate their actions

You need to imitate all their actions and mannerism discreetly. If you don’t do it properly they’ll realise that you’re trying to imitate them and take it for granted that you’re mocking them.This will surely result in loss of concentration and you’ll have to begin the whole process again – it could be harder as you’d have to convince them that you weren’t teasing them in any way.

Praise your subject

Each and every one of us loves to be praised. We’re so pleased whenever we receive praises that we tend to forget about everything else that’s happening around. Once a person has praised us we’re willing to hear everything the person is willing to say. Therefore, simple praises will gain the confidence of your subject and help you build up their concentration.

Nod your head as you blurt out your command

As you command your subject begin to nod your head as well. Nodding of your head will have a mirror effect on your subject and they’ll follow you. They’ll nod their head and follow your command. That’s it – you’ve successfully hypnotized your first subject. So you now know how to hypnotize someone.

How to hypnotise someone without them knowing is quite simple if you follow the five steps as mentioned above. And don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Before you actually try it out on someone you need to practice it on friends or family.

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