How To Hypnotize Someone Step By Step

How To Hypnotize Someone Step By Step

There are lots of reasons to want to learn how to hypnotize someone. You might want to help a spouse stop smoking, or help a friend lose weight. Of course, it could also just be done for fun or entertainment. Once you learn how to hypnotize someone, you might be surprised at just how simple it is. By following these basic instructions, you can learn how to hypnotize someone easily. If for some reason you don’t have immediate success – don’t despair. Simply start over from the beginning and try the whole process again.

Step One:Find a Willing Participant

It is important to remember that you simply can not hypnotize someone who does not want to be hypnotized. Do not try this on someone unwilling, or asleep. Aside from simply not working, it might offend or hurt that person. Ask before you begin the hypnosis process, and remember that your job of learning how to hypnotize someone will be much easier if they are willing and truly want to be hypnotized.

Step Two:Get Comfortable

The participant needs to find a very comfortable place to sit in order to relax. Don’t, however, allow they to lie down. Although it might be comfortable, many people in that position actually fall asleep rather than be hypnotized! Instead, find a soft seat and dim the lights, allowing them to fell relaxed and calm. Speak softly and in soothing tones, and do your best to avoid scaring them or sudden words and movements.

Step Three:Breathing Techniques

Once the hypnosis participant is relaxed and comfortable, focus on their breathing. Slow it down and encourage them to close their eyes while inhaling slowly through the nose and then exhaling slowly through the mouth. The breathing should slow down even further as the person relaxes and slows their heart rate.

Step Four:Entering the Trance

Once the person is in a fully relaxed state, you can begin the process of actually understanding how to hypnotize someone. Be sure to speak very slowly during this process, and repeat words and phrases in order to seem like time is slowing down. Use physical metaphors to make the participant feel as if they are really falling into a trance, by repeating phrases like “swimming to the bottom of the pool” or falling down the deep, deep hole.”

Step Five:Address the Problem

Many people want to be hypnotized to help address a major problem in their life, from weight loss to smoking or finances. While the person is in their relaxed trance, speak to them in soft, low tones about their problem, prompting positive answers. Encourage them to see the answers for themselves. State something, such as “smoking cigarettes will make you feel sick and unhappy.” Then, ask them questions about smoking, to see if they repeat that idea back to you. Continue this pattern for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step Six:Waking Up

Speak to your participant about waking up, and provide instructions, such as “when I count to three, you will be alert and awake.” Make sure they are completely awake and feel comfortable about the entire process once it’s over.

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