How To Hypnotize Someone Instantly

How To Hypnotize Someone Instantly

Very often you may have seen a magician or a performer on television hypnotizing someone. But when you say “sleep”, how do you make the person actually fall off to sleep? The basic question that needs to be asked is – How to hypnotize someone instantly? Can anyone do this? Is it really simple to hypnotize someone instantly? The answer to this question is – Yes!

Why is it easy to hypnotize someone?

It’s really possible to hypnotize someone instantly. But, it takes time to practice and only after some sincere practice and dedication will you become a professional. Pattern interrupt is the basis behind instant hypnotic induction. Whenever someone does something habitually, we’re doing it automatically without our conscious mind knowing what’s happening. The simplest example that applies to everyone is breathing. Our mind is setup so that it remembers what needs to be done and automatically performs that work – driving home after work for instance, you’ll automatically turn onto the right path without even knowing it. So, basically our mind does this to prevent the need of learning the same thing over and over again.

Pattern interruption and Hypnotism

Pattern interruption is basically the reason behind hypnotism. If you want to know how to hypnotize someone instantly, you’ll need to understand and implement the concept behind pattern interruption. Pattern interruption does exactly what it says, it interrupts your routine. The program that runs in your mind is interrupted for a short time, so that it causes confusion within the mind and hence the individual falls into a hypnotic trance. Therefore, if you want to hypnotize someone you should be familiar with pattern interruption.

Suppose a child approaches someone and stretches out their hand for a handshake, but at the last minute changes his mind and blows a raspberry instead. This is a simple case of pattern interruption wherein the person on the other side is confused as to what just happened. They’ll even wonder whether the person actually stretched his hand out. How to hypnotize someone may be a basic question, but the answer even though it’s simple is hard to implement.

How to hypnotize someone within milliseconds

If you wish to hypnotize someone, then you’ll need to understand the above mentioned example. That’s just a simple case of pattern interruption, if you’re pretty good at hypnotism you could blurt out your command perfectly within the span of confusion causing the other person to react to your command. But, this gap won’t last long and therefore could be a real challenge for most people.

How to hypnotize someone – the secret

As mentioned earlier, the time frame available to hypnotize someone is really small.Therefore, most professionals use this time to tell the person that they’re hypnotized and under his control. This works very often and has been proven to work. But, like anything else on this planet – practice makes perfect!


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