Different Types Of Meditation Techniques

meditation techniques

There are many types of meditation techniques and many people have developed them. Such people include educators, mental health experts, spiritual leaders, and many others. These techniques are suitable for many people of any age group. Mediation helps the people to improve physical and mental health. People need to try various techniques and practice the one that they think is suitable for them. In this article, we will discuss different types of meditation techniques.

Types of meditation techniques

Loving-kindness meditation

Another name for this type of meditation is Metta meditation. The aim of this meditation is to produce love and kindness in the practitioner. The person who performs this develops love and kindness for everything whether living or non-living. The practitioner has to breathe deeply and think of love and kindness for everybody. After practicing it for a few days, they can send messages of love and kindness to everybody and especially the loved ones. The practitioner has to practice it many times until he starts feeling that he has developed love and kindness for everybody. People who are affected by the following need to practice this type of meditation.

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Resentment

The practitioner will get a feeling of positive emotions and they will be able to reduce various kinds of problems like anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, etc.

Progressive relaxation

This type of meditation is also known as body scan meditation. In this type of meditation, the practitioner has to scan those parts of the body, which are suffering from tension. The main aim of this meditation is to look for such areas and relax them to get rid of tension.

In this session, the practitioner has to start scanning the body from one end and then scan the whole body. It is a good idea to start from feet and then move to the whole body. People also need to bring tension in their muscles and then relax them. Besides this, progressive meditation also helps the person to encourage himself which helps the body in getting rid from tension.

This meditation helps a person to become calm and relaxed. This meditation technique relaxes the body in a slow and steady manner. This also helps the people to get a sound sleep. People need to practice this meditation daily so that they can get rid of different types of psychological problems like anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, etc.

Mindfulness meditation

This meditation technique helps the practitioner to gain the presence of mind in the present moment. This technique helps the person to concentrate on current situations rather than concentrating on past or future events. People can perform this type of meditation anywhere. He will be able to notice calm sounds, good sights and other things that he experiences in his current surroundings. There are many things that people can do in this type of meditation like breath awareness for breathing, relaxation from tension, and many other things.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness meditation are as follows.

  1. Negative emotions in the practitioner are reduced.
  2. Focusing on anything is improved.
  3. People can remember many things easily.
  4. Emotional reactions are reduced.

Mindfulness meditation also helps in improving health like lowering of blood pressure, relaxation from chronic pain, and many others.

Breath awareness meditation

This is a type of mindful meditation, which helps in the encouragement of mindful breathing. In this type of meditation, the practitioner has to breathe in a slow manner. The breathing should be very deep. The main aim of this meditation is to concentrate only on breathing and nothing else. People need to ignore any type of thought that comes into their mind. People get many types of benefits with this meditation like reduction in anxiety, improvement in concentration, and controlling emotions.

Kundalini yoga

This is a type of meditation in which the practitioner has to breathe deeply along with chanting mantras. This type of meditation has to be learned from a teacher. The practitioner can also join classes for learning it. This meditation helps in improving mental health and the practitioner will get rid of depression, anxiety and other types of psychological problems. Studies have shown that this type of meditation has also helped in reducing back pain and other types of pains. The practitioner will feel energetic and his mental health will also be improved.

Zen meditation

Another name for this type of meditation is Zazen and it belongs to the practices of Buddhists. There are many Zen practitioners who have to learn this meditation with the help of a teacher. This meditation includes many types of steps and postures, which people have to use and they can learn it through a teacher. The main aim of this meditation is to get most comfortable position. After that, the practitioner as to concentrate in breathing and thoughts. There is no need to judge the thoughts. This meditation is also a part of mindful meditation but people need to be disciplined and practice it a lot of times. People practice this meditation to get a new spiritual path.

Transcendental meditation

This meditation is considered as spiritual type of meditation. The practitioner has to sit in a comfortable position and start breathing slowly. The main aim of this meditation is to raise the practitioner from the current state. The practitioner has to repeat a mantra or a word. He can also speak a series of words repeatedly.

Benefits of meditation

 People get many types of benefits from meditation and some of them are as follows.

  1. The practitioner is relaxed from stressful condition and becomes calm.
  2. Anxiety of the practitioner is controlled.
  3. Emotional health of the practitioner is enhanced.
  4. The practitioner can enhance his self-awareness.
  5. The problem of memory loss is reduced.
  6. The practitioner becomes kind and loving.
  7. The fractioned can fight addictions like smoking or alcoholism etc.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the meditation techniques, which people can practice to get rid of or reduce various types of psychological problems. Meditation helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and also helps in getting rid of chronic pains. People need to choose the one technique that is most beneficial.

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