If you travel a long distance a lot then you must have experienced highway hypnosis a good number of times. Driving for a long period of mind can induce your mind into a trancelike state where you are still navigating the road without being totally aware of the selected routes. Doing something as monotonous as driving a long distance for a long time can get your mind & body relaxed while your mind drifts to the subconscious.

This is very common with experienced drivers, since driving has become part of them they tend not to give too much attention to it which causes highway hypnosis for them. However, learners may not focus fully on their driving but may focus their energy trying not to make mistakes, this means they would be too agitated for their minds to relax and go into a trance.

Highway hypnosis is common phenomenon among drivers, it is also known as the white line fever.  This is common among drivers and not exclusive to anyone. It is a common occurrence that happens  when you are doing something monotonously for a period of time, slowly your mind drifts into the unconscious without you being aware of it. You can drive for a long distance of time without even remembering the last 100 miles due to this hypnosis. While some people have accepted this as a common phenomenon others see it as a menace to road users.

Driving on the road and losing your consciousness can be detrimental to you and other road users, yes it is a common phenomena that happens to anyone but letting your mind wander while you drive is very dangerous. Driving needs your maximum attention, this means not taking calls, not drinking while driving and also not drifting off into the subconscious. Highway hypnosis is very common and can be difficult to handle, this is why we have compiled some steps for you to follow to tackle highway hypnosis. So, if you are thinking of the best ways to tackle highway hypnosis check the following steps.

1.Ensure you get enough rest before traveling a long distance.

When your body is tired or fatigued your mind is likely to wander off. However, when you have gotten enough rest your mind will be alert making it hard for you to drift off to other thoughts. With your mind & body alert you can focus fully on your driving.

2.Drive at early hours.

The earlier you set out on your journey the less likely you are to experience highway hypnosis. Driving in the dark is one of the common ways for your mind to wander off while you are driving. You drift off easily in the dark especially when your eyes have to focus on headlights from other road users too many times, so it’s better you start your driving while the sun is out and the day is bright.

3.Turn up radio.

The sound of music or talk shows can help your mind stay alert while you are on the steering. Make sure to listen to songs that are not too slow or soft, they can help your mind drift off. Just keep the radio loud enough to be a source of distraction.

4.Try to take breaks while driving.

It is important you get up and move to avoid being in the same position for a long time. Sitting in the same position for a long time can make your body tired and a tired body is a subject to highway hypnosis.You don’t have to wait till you need to refill your fuel or till you need to check your car before you take a break. Try to get out of the car and move at lest after every 100 miles to stretch your legs and keep your body alert.

5.Try not to Slouch while you drive.

Slouching is a bad sitting position and a great contributor to highway hypnosis. A bad sitting position can make your body feel tired which can in turn lead to highway hypnosis. Sit upright and try not to slouch, sit with your head erect, shoulders back and keep your buttocks tight to the seats.

6.Keep your car temperature cool

Let it be comfortable enough for you to drive but not too comfortable for your mind to drift off. Warm temperatures can get your mind to drift off into the subconscious. Just make sure there is enough breeze to help you stay focused on your driving without getting drowsy.

7.Keep your eyes distracted as you drive. 

Change the view of what your eyes see during a long distance ride. Focusing on the highway for a long time is one of the major causes of highway hypnosis. Try to distract your eyes from focusing on just the center of the highway lane, try changing your view by looking at exit signs, billboards and your side mirror.

8.Keep your body active

Activities help to keep your body & mind at alert while you’re driving. So, try to do something different while driving, stretch your legs, take a drink, sing along with the radio, listen and participate actively in radio shows and chew some gum. Just you do little little things to keep your mind active while you drive.

9.If you have tried all the tips above and none them is effective then it is time for you to take some rest off the road.

Your body & mind maybe weak due to constant driving or stress, you need to stay off the road for sometime. You can lodge in  a hotel or find a good place to rest before continuing your journey. Try refreshing yourself before you set out again.

10.Highway hypnosis can be very dangerous to you and other road users if you accept it as just another highway phenomenon without taking your time to correct it.

It happens to every driver, but falling asleep behind the wheel can cause serious road accidents. Do your best to stay safe on the road by practicing the tips we have given you judiciously.

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